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Affordable IT Solutions for your Business Needs.

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Network Management

Helping you find the right IT solutions.

1. Managed IT Solutions

2. Remote Support Assistance

3. Hosting & Cloud Computing

Network Managment

Cloud Computing

Desktop Management

IT partner focused on simplified networking and computing.

​Network Management: Request will cleanup and simplify current equipment, group or Domain folder structures. We provide ground up network setups and low cost server lease programs complete with monthly management and Administrator services. See our pricing page for more info.

Cloud Computing: Don't want to purchase a server? Don't have the space to maintain a full network on premise? you don't have to. Request now offers Hosted private networks. Work from anywhere with all you need it a computer with internet access. Fully built and hosted private Virtual Private server complete with domain controller and virtual desktops for your employees to remote in and work. Let us deal with the backup's, cooling costs and electric bills. We also have Single Virtual desktop rentals which is ideal for users not wanting to worry about a crashing computer, viruses and losing data. If your PC dies, toss it your work desktop if safe and sound on our Virtual environment. See pricing tab for more info. 

Desktop Management: Request can manage and fix most issues a desktop computer deals with on a daily basis. With Desktop management just open a support ticket and a Technician can work with you remotely to solve all your desktop woes trouble. We can support 1 or hundreds of PC's and Mac's. See pricing tab for more details.

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